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Amiel DeLos Reyes

Amiel DeLos Reyes

With the basketball season well underway, the team has been working hard to build their new roster. As only one a of two returning players, 2nd year point guard Amiel De Los Reyes has been able to bring his experience from last year into the new season.  

While growing up in the Philippines, De Los Reyes began playing basketball at an early age and spent most of his days playing it outside. As he continued to practice, his passion for basketball grew and he became more competitive when he moved to Canada in 2014. While basketball is the most played sport in the Philippians, De Los Reyes says Canada has offered him more opportunities to further his development and future in basketball. However, his career pursuits didn’t come without some hardships and during his last of high school, De Los Reyes found himself without a team. Instead of allowing this to derail his goals, he joined a men’s league in Regina with college athletes. It was during this time that he first learned about being scouted by college teams and decided to start contacting schools. 

When it came to choosing a college, De Los Reyes heard about Briercrest from his high school coach and began looking into the basketball program. After hearing back from Briercrest and trying out, De Los Reyes joined the team in the fall. Now two years later, he has learned a lot from being on the team and has pushed himself to be a good leader and work hard for his teammates. As he explains, “knowing that you are growing and getting better as a team and individually is a good feeling…. hard work pays off and the feeling of improvement is great.”

Being at Briercrest has also helped to grow De Los Reyes personally on and off the court. As he describes, “I have learned a lot from the school, being on a team has built some good qualities like being a leader, I’m not that vocal and sports have challenged me to be… I’m a point guard so I need to be vocal and a leader to my teammates.” In addition, he reflects on how God brought him to Birercrest and has continued to work in “my life with the experiences he put me through previously.” De Los Reyes is also the first in his family to compete in college sports, an accomplishment and an opportunity he is grateful for. 

Looking to the future, De Los Reyes hopes to inspire others who have faced challenges in sports and help them to overcome those difficulties explaining, “there will be hard times but you have to trust God and the challenges He gives us, those difficulties and challenges are what help you to become better.” Currently De Los Reyes is completing his BA in humanities and minor in kinesiology. As for his career, De Los Reyes hopes to pursue basketball at the professional level but ultimately, he is willing to go wherever God leads him.