Being a Briercrest athlete involves more than just playing your sport and going to school. We  want to make sure that every athlete who comes through this program has the skills and tools necessary to exhibit the truth of God's Word through their lives in everything they do. 

As a Briercrest College athlete, you will be challenged to make your first priority your relationship with the Lord, followed by your relationship with family and friends, a dedication to your education, and a servant-like attitude to your team and your sport. While training here on campus, participating in team times with your team chaplain, travelling on team road trips, and competing in one of the best college conferences in Canada, you will have unique opportunities to grow in your character and to share Christ's love with those around you.

We want to challenge you to use the athletic gifts God has given you to fully serve him and to develop new life skills that will enable you to follow Christ throughout your life.


Our Core Focus Consists of our Passion & Our Niche:

Our Passion Is:

Transforming lives towards their God-intended purpose.

We Are Committed To Our Niche of:

Using the pursuit of athletic championships in our unique Briercrest training ground to: grow disciples of Jesus, form transformational leaders of character, inspire graduates, and develop skills for sport and life.

Our Values Are:

  • Kingdom Focused : Our identity is continually rooted deeper in Christ.
  • Servant Hearted : Confident in Christ to serve God and others
  • Learner : Chooses to be a forever Learner 
  • Competitor :  Relentless, tenacious and motivated by love
  • Disciplined :  Unwavering Commitment to building Championship Habits for Life