Director of Athletics

Nigel Mullan
Athletics Director
Head Coach, Men's Volleyball

Nigel Mullan took the helm of the Briercrest College and Seminary athletic department, as Athletic Director, during the summer of 2012. 

 "I am excited for the opportunity to take what is there and shape and mold and hopefully further our efforts as a department," Mullan said.

The Athletic Director will continue to coach the men's volleyball team and help the other coaches recruit and train teams that can reach the same level of success at the national and ACAC levels.

"I have interest and desire to see all the teams succeed and get to the level that we want to be at," Mullan said.

Throughout all 80 minutes of play, I did not see any of your players question a referees' call. Your team plays hard every minute and still has the ability to keep good sportsmanship in mind.
Coach of an opposing team